5 Jan

Billie Eilish – Little did I know. This girl can sing. Close Your Eyes – Let the tune take you where you need to go.

All We Do Is Hide Away

15 Aug

One Breath

19 Feb

Sometimes our greatest treasures come from our deepest pain. After a downhill biking accident Johanna Nordblad, almost lost her leg – the only path to recovery was through cold-water treatment. Something she developed to love – Today, she holds the world record for diving under ice.

This beautiful video is shot by Ian Derry.

Scratching King: Q-Bert

2 Jan

They say: it was better back in the days. When it comes to DJ:ing that is definitely true. I mean, What are these new school kids doing nowadays? Just watch this video (He kills it. No faders, no nothing) – I rest my case!


28 Oct

I don’t believe in safety nets
Strung aloft, make it alright to let go
You gotta hold on

Or it’s gonna slip, slip, slip though your
Slip, slip, slip through your hands


Are You Down?

28 Oct


If I Can Can, You Can Can.

22 Oct


20 Sep

Love the Visuals of this video: what you do is one thing, how you view it is what it Always comes down to. Big up to the skateboarders of course, but an EXTRA big shout out to the man behind the lens. Brrrrrrrap!

Color of Reality

9 Sep

The Racial, political, and socioeconomic tensions is real. History repeats itself. Once again – the news only give us one side of the story. The privileged side. This piece of art combines movement, colors and storytelling, all is one. Big up to Jon Boogz and Lil Buck who share their love for movement, as they move us. Alexa Meade created the sick colors and artwork. Its powerful. Welcome to the “other” side of the story, a perspective media rarely covers: The Color of Reality. The Reality, of Color.¬†

Train Your Monkey Mind

9 Sep

Simplify and incorporate meditation in your daily life. No need to “shut off” your emotions and thoughts – that only creates separation. The essence of meditation is awareness: Start by being aware of your breath!